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Bringing manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality products together with quality-minded government buyers.

Federal Program Management, Inc. (FPM) is a consulting firm specializing in Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), Source Selection, and other "Best Value" contracts with the federal and state governments. FPM has a reputation in the government procurement community of representing a highly select and distinguished list of top-quality, innovative suppliers and manufacturers.

Government customers and contracting representatives can depend upon the reputation of FPM, its associates and its clients for integrity, high ethical standards and first-class products and services.

Clients of FPM are long-term clients who only pay for results - not just good efforts - and who continue over time to benefit from FPM's reputation, and utilize and depend upon FPM's unique blend of relationships, skills, experience and specialized expertise.

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Navigation of complex federal procurement process
  • Compliance with detailed federal regulations
  • Helping suppliers meet the unique needs of government agencies
  • Understanding the unique motivations of government buyers
  • Government Sales and Marketing advice, training and assistance
  • Contract Administration and Modifications
  • Relationship Management and Troubleshooting
Home office:
PO Box 3947
Winchester, VA 22604
Phone: 540-678-1234
Fax: 540-678-0136
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Express/Overnight Shipping:
534 Redbud Road
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-678-1234
Fax: 540-678-0136
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Regional Office - USA Midwest
FPM-USA Midwest
Chicago, IL
Phone: 310-570-0780
Fax: 540-678-0136
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Regional Office - Europe
IM Frankenthal 3
66849 Landstuhl
Phone: 011-49-63-711-6774
Fax: 011-49-63-711-7781
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